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If you don’t like your results, you’ve got to change what you’re doing. But in admissions, that could be a risky proposition. We talked with James Steen about the risks they took with test-optional admissions to reduce friction in their admissions process.

Whether or not prospective students need an ACT or SAT score to come to college is a relatively new idea.

It’s also controversial.

There’s been a lot of conversation in industry publications about different aspects of test-score optional admissions from a racial equality and diversity standpoint to a pragmatic standpoint connected to the pandemic.

In this fascinating conversation…

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A great elevator pitch is a versatile messaging tool. Get your core elevator pitch structure right, and you’ve got a powerful foundation for communicating the uniqueness of your school.

The term “elevator pitch” keys into a familiar story.

You’re an administrator, educator or ambassador at a conference. You step into an elevator with another attendee, or maybe it’s a guest at the host hotel.

After reading their name badge or picking up context clues after a few words of polite conversation, you figure out that this is someone you want to make a good impression on.

The opportunity comes. They…

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Community colleges don’t always get the press they deserve in higher education. In this podcast interview, we discuss how you can ramp up your community college marketing!

Because I live in Indiana, I’m really familiar with Ivy Tech Community College.

Historically, Ivy Tech has been a significant part of the state of Indiana.

In fact, it’s the largest singly-accredited statewide community college system in the country and the largest post-secondary institution of higher education in the state of Indiana.

Unfortunately, like most community colleges, Ivy Tech simply doesn’t command the same kind of respect that a university system receives.


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Understanding generational characteristics is key to successful messaging. Enrollment marketers are focusing attention on Gen Z now, but Generation Alpha is coming sooner than you think.

In this blog and with clients, we often talk about creating personas. This is a handy tactic to guide content focus, word choice and tone.

The generational profiles (audiences) we consider in higher ed marketing today include:

  • Baby Boomers (b. 1946–1964) — alumni, community leaders
  • Generation X (b. 1965–1979) — alumni, parents
  • Generation Y “Millennials” (b. 1980–1994) — graduate/nontraditional students, parents
  • Generation Z (b. 1995–2009) — traditional students

Time flies when you’re having fun…

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Building your admissions funnel has always been hard. After COVID, it got even worse. Check out our conversation with Collin Palmer to see how The University of Toledo is making a college tour comeback!

Is it okay to say it out loud?

For most higher education institutions, post-COVID college tours stink.

Health protocols simply make it difficult to have an engaging, interactive experience with prospective students as they visit your campus.

That, and students are simply tired of being on Zoom calls.

I think everyone is.

That’s why it was so exciting to hear what the enrollment team is doing…

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Your messaging strategy isn’t a document you want to overhaul often. Content marketing needs time to build results. Here’s how to know when your messaging strategy needs to be revised.

A good messaging strategy is the result of hard work, a LOT of thoughtful consideration, and probably some kind of investment in consulting, workshops, or training.

That alone is reason enough to let them stand for a while.

But the biggest reason to let your messaging plan have time to breathe is so that it has time to produce results for you.

While you should see immediate results from content…

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Education marketers have a massive advantage when it comes to the enrollment communications flow. Here I want to show you how to leverage this unique opportunity.

Every independent school, college, and university has an enrollment communications flow. It’s simply the nature of the enrollment process to have a consistent back-and-forth between you and the prospective student.

For most schools, the enrollment communications flow becomes a routine administrative habit.

Requests for information, applications, deposits, acceptance letters — it’s all part of the template communications you have stored in a hard drive or file folder.

But if you only use template messages…

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Trying to keep up with creating more content with a small marketing team? See how Northern Michigan University does content creation with a small team and a limited budget.

It’s undisputed. Content marketing is education marketing in today’s world.

Every prospective student is swimming in an ocean of information and content at their fingertips.

They are in the driver’s seat.

Which means, successful marketing depends on content creation that frequently and consistently publishes information prospects are looking for.

Content creation produces copy, graphics, video, and other forms of content that answer the questions your audience is typing into their search…

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Storytelling is a powerful technique that should be woven into each and every marketing message. Here we explore how storytelling enhances data-driven marketing to produce incredible results.

For years, I’ve held to the belief that understanding what questions your audience is asking and answering them is the key to boosting traffic to your enrollment website.

And throughout the years, that belief has never steered me wrong.

No matter what new algorithm changes come down from the tech gods, knowing and answering your audience’s questions consistently boosts your search engine rankings.

Why is that?

Because almost every search engine query is…

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If you write and create marketing content, I don’t have to tell you about the power of connection to your audience. Personalized content is about taking that concept to the next level.

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should “write to one person,” because if you try to create content for everyone you’ll connect with no one.

That’s good advice.

But how can we do it better than we’ve done it before?

Can you get closer to a true one-on-one connection before you’ve even met your prospect?

Let’s explore some ways to use personalized content to create deeper connections…

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