Enrollment Marketing Copy: The Key to Motivating Prospective Students

In enrollment marketing, it’s not just what you say. It’s how you say it. Let’s explore how to make your enrollment marketing copy powerful and attractive to new students.

Enrollment marketing copy is the center of every marketing message.

Even if it’s just your education brand name watermarked on a vivid photo, that’s enrollment marketing copy communicating something.

Most everyone intuitively understands that enrollment marketing copy is critical when crafting ads or direct mail pieces.

But for some reason, when creating enrollment websites, copy is seen as just a way to communicate information.

Simply communicating information is not the primary goal of enrollment marketing copy, though.

Enrollment marketing copy — whether on your website or in your brochure — should motivate your prospective student to the next step in the enrollment cycle.

Now, your copy might communicate valuable information while it motivates students through the enrollment cycle.

But if it doesn’t spark something in your prospective student to take the next step, then it’s not serving the greater purpose of your marketing strategy.

Whether entertaining or informing, enrollment marketing copy should always be persuading.

So how do you write compelling copy for your enrollment website, landing pages, and print marketing pieces?

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Bart Caylor

Bart Caylor


President & Founder Caylor Solutions Husband. Dad. Learner. Thinker. Branding, Marketing, Problem Solver for Education. Apostle's Creed. #highered #marketing