How to Set Up an Effective Enrollment Marketing Funnel

image by Tierney via Adobe Stock

The marketing funnel is a classic model for acquiring prospects and converting them to customers. Adapting it to higher ed is key to a successful enrollment marketing strategy.

Basically, the generic AIDA model works like this:

It’s referred to as a “funnel” because the size of your audience at each stage is progressively smaller as you drive prospects “down” toward becoming buyers.

Are you thinking like this in your enrollment marketing efforts?

The same basic ideas apply. Your efforts involve creating awareness among many, convincing several to engage with you, and finally getting a handful to commit.


As I’ve seen working with higher ed institutions, breakdowns in the enrollment marketing funnel are all too common. Let’s take a look at what the components of a strong funnel are and what you may be overlooking at the top, middle and bottom.

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