How to Use Twitter to Increase Student Enrollment

image by Valua Vitaly via Adobe Stock

If your school has Twitter accounts, or you’re thinking of breaking into Twitter, it’s good to check your knowledge of the best practices to help increase student enrollment.

For starters, let’s talk about what doesn’t work …

Twitter with no strategy. Consistently.

You’ve seen it.

  • It looks like tweets that are way too long for the format and easily passed over.
  • You’ve also not seen it, because it can look like poorly timed tweets with no tags that no one notices.
  • Sporadic tweets don’t look bad in isolation. But then you visit the account page and see the long periods of inactivity that screams, “We’re not really engaged here.”
  • It looks like live weather updates with no context. (Thanks, but I’m already following The Weather Channel.)
  • Self-congratulatory tweets.
  • Dry, unemotional tweets.
  • Tweets that are irrelevant to the audience.

Twitter with no strategy is easy. It’s also a waste of time. Let’s talk about the two main building blocks of any good strategy that can actually increase student enrollment: how to post, and what to post.

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