Legacy Mothers: Your Enrollment Marketing Ally

It seems there are several reasons for this change in college decision behavior.

Legacy Mothers

1. She doesn’t need you to explain who you are.

2. She went to college and therefore, her kids are more likely to do so.

3. You (should) already have her contact info.

So how do you cultivate legacy mothers?

Alumni Facebook Groups

Alumni Content Pieces

  • Paying for college,
  • Campus security,
  • Codes of conduct,
  • Graduation employment rates,
  • Spiritual development, and
  • Testimonies from other student parents.

Alumni Gatherings

  • Place events near the suburbs if possible.
  • Schedule events at reasonable hours during the day as these moms have kids that need to go to school in the morning and be picked up in the afternoon.
  • Use venues that are more community-oriented like a church or school hall instead of a corporate, business-like venue.
  • Use Facebook events or evite.com to manage RSVP’s.
  • Make it fun with door prizes and ice-breakers so the alumnae get to know one another.

Include Them in Your Comm Flow

Legacy Mothers are your greatest ally.

Ebook: Redesigning Your Education Website

  • An Introduction to the Process
  • Focusing Your Efforts
  • Telling Your Story
  • Planning for Mobile
  • Scannable & Simple Copywriting
  • Show & Tell: Rich Media
  • Call-To-Action
  • Driving Traffic
  • Automation
  • Big Data



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