Marketing Personas for Higher Education

But more information doesn’t necessarily mean more success in marketing. You’ve got to put that information to good use to drive your marketing messaging and strategy.

Marketing personas are fictional representations of audiences used to gather insights from data to target marketing messages.

By giving lifeless data a fictional human profile, the marketing team can stay on the same page in regard to messaging, design, and objectives.

Examples of Marketing Personas in Higher Education

  • The traditional student
  • The non-traditional student or adult student
  • The graduate student
  • Moms and Dads
  • Siblings
  • Coaches
  • Youth Pastors
  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Upperclassmen
  • Young donors & alumni
  • New donors
  • Recurring donors
  • Legacy donors
  • Major donors
  • Mid-level donors
  • Grant makers

So how many personas do you need? Depends on your marketing strategy.

Personas are the stories your data is trying to tell you.

When you begin writing your personas, you’ll be imagining the life and feelings of the individuals you are trying to reach with your marketing message.

Remember, too, that crafting marketing personas isn’t an exact science.

Schedule a personas brainstorm meeting.

Have fun with this, and don’t let the brainstorming get so complicated that you don’t pull the trigger.



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