Optimizing Your Higher Ed Website for Year-End Fundraising: Part 1

Why Year-End Fundraising Is A Big Deal

  • 31% of annual giving in 2014 occurred in the month of December, and
  • 12% of annual giving that year happened within the last three days of 2014.

Things You Should NOT Do

Do not create a donation popup box… until the last three days of December.

The Last Three Days

Do not make your home page a giving page.

Working Together

But it cannot supersede the priority of enrolling new students for three big reasons:

  1. Enrolling a student brings in a much greater financial benefit than an annual fund gift.
  2. Enrolling a student brings in a longer-lasting financial benefit. According to the experts at Nonprofit Hub, 7 out of 10 donors only give once — but most of your students will be enrolled for four years or more.
  3. Enrolling a student expands the potential donor base for your school.



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Bart Caylor

Bart Caylor


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