Your Holiday Gift: 5 Tips to Enhance Next Year’s Enrollment Marketing Strategy

As we head into the holiday season, marking the end of the fall semester, I’m sure you have already laid out the broad strokes of next calendar year’s enrollment marketing strategy.

But before you head off for some well-earned R&R, your mind on chopping down pine trees and settling into a turkey coma, this is a good time to check on a few things.

You might find that your master plan could use a few course corrections before turning on the auto-pilot.

Before I get into five tips to set yourself up for success with next year’s enrollment marketing strategy, let’s review some basics.

Enrollment Marketing Strategy Fundamentals

As marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in new initiatives, pet projects, experimental tools or channels, and lose sight of the fundamentals.

Take a moment to review your current campaigns and marketing activities as a whole. Ask two basic questions:

  1. Is your eye focused on your target personas? Overall, do you feel that your approach is reaching your core audiences in a meaningful way?
  2. Are you making progress on your goals? Have you recently performed any routine analysis to demonstrate that you are moving prospects toward enrollment?

If your answers are “yes” and “yes,” congratulate yourself on a job well done this year. For you, this article is about ways to build on solid work to give yourself an edge next year.

If either of your answers are “no,” it means your current strategy could be either clearer or more evidence-based. I suggest giving your team a gift by revisiting the fundamentals, then consider the tactics below.

Tip #1: Consider a Re-Enrollment Campaign for Retention

Before you look too closely at next year’s enrollment marketing strategy, consider this tactic to pull the needle all the way through your current strategy. Grab the low-hanging fruit: re-enrollment.

A re-enrollment campaign targets students you have identified to be at risk of non-completion and gives them “nudges” through digital channels that encourage them to come back next semester.

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Bart Caylor


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